Rain of Kindness
Rain of Kindness, Paper, Ink and Wire, 2010, Approximately 10’ X 10’

This work was created for the show Generosity: Stories of Kindness, Artworks of Gratitude at the Yamawaki Arts & Cultural Center in Newton, Massachusetts

I can sometimes get into a funk where “everybody hates me, nobody loves me, I think I’ll go eat worms.” To see if I could shake myself out of this rut, I turned my attention to all the moments of kindness that I experienced over several months. I wrote these stories on strips of paper, and wrapped the stories around wire.

What was most surprising in this process was the way this practice of noticing kindness softened me, breaking my heart every day. The meditation turned into an opportunity to examine, even more closely, what it means to be kind to myself.

Rain of Kindness (detail)
Rain of Kindness (detail)