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Annie is a practicing artist who loves to teach. Her teaching approach is based on an interdisciplinary understanding of adult learning, mindfulness and meditation, along with a big dose of playfulness. She has worked with learners who are just starting to engage with the creative process and those who have a long standing creative practice.


She is particularly interested in nurturing a community of artists who can learn to support each other in positive ways.


Throughout the year there are workshop offered at her studio in Nova Scotia and she is also available for workshops hosted in other studios and facilities.


Here’s what folks have to say about annie’s workshops:

Annie is a lucid and even magical teacher, always with a sparkle of play. She practices embodiment and deep respect.

Karen W., Audio Artist


The terrific thing about Annie as a teacher, is that she gives you the feeling that you are embarking on a journey of education and discovery together—you have the impression that she is excited to be learning alongside of you, not teaching AT you.

Anne E., Photographer


Annie’s workshops are an utter delight!  They are a spacious, invigorating, totally compelling immersion in a hands-on heaven enriched by the wealth of her generous wit, whimsy and wisdom along with her amazing talents as both an artist and teacher.

Ann D. Participant in Cartography and Art Workshop