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I live at the end of a long dirt road on the very edge of North America in a Buddhist monastery called Gampo Abbey. I am currently Director and I also hold the role of Artist in Residence.

My interest has always been at the intersection of contemplative practice and art pra


The environment where I live is a significant character in life, one can’t help but be impacted. It’s fierce and rugged, and can really wake you up.


I look out over the largest horizon possible, sky and sea. It is a precious kind of spaciousness that I never take for granted. 

As a child I spent lots of time looking at the ceiling wondering what a room would look like upside down.


The common artifacts of life – the kinds of scenes or objects that are so commonplace that they become somehow invisible over time, that’s what really seduces me.

I often explore for months, or even years, the same shapes or scenes in an ongoing dialogue.

Annie Sketching Garden.jpg

Tilopa Studio

Tilopa Studio ​ I'm very lucky to have studio space at Gampo Abbey in an old cabin with a very slanted floor and an outstanding view. 
studio_First week Tilopa Rainbow_edited.
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